2 comments on “DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL

  1. I think you’re very wise not to come out while you’re living with your parents. I have been in that situation too and done the same. I’d never recommend anyone put themselves in serious risk of homelessness, as I think homelessness is a very serious predicament which is dangerous, often very dangerous, and can easily become a trap it’s nearly impossible to get out of, which ruins lives and mental and physical health. I feel if an lgbtqq person needs to conceal their orientation to stay safe, we have every right to do that. Your brother sounds sweet, and lucky to have you.

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    • Agreed! The percentages of homeless youth who are LGBT are appalling…it is becoming an epidemic our society perpetuates. While I don’t think my parents would literally kick me out of the house if I came out to them, I’m pretty sure they would make my life hell to the point where I would NEED to leave. So yeah…personal safety should come first for everyone. And my brother is awesome. I don’t think coming out to him will change how he feels about me. 🙂

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