1. I love this! Joan of Arc has always been one of my favorite women, as well. I looked up to her as a kind of role model and admired her for her strong will and devotion to her faith and her cause. I read several books about her and her life, and out of all of them my favorite was the fictional piece “Young Joan” by Barbara Dana, depicting Joan’s life as a child in the first person.

    When I legally changed my name after leaving my abuser, I chose Joan as my middle name, because I considered her such an influential figure in shaping my life, and I wanted to live up to the same strength and devotion I admired in her.

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    • That is so cool! It’s nice to meet a fellow admirer of Joan. She is truly incredible. And great choice on the middle name! 😀


  2. When I was a young teen, I went through a period of infatuation with Catholicism as well. It was due to all the martyrdom tales of the saints, how emotive and admirable they were as willing sacred sacrifices and victims for God, and how they were held up as role models for that – and how they were chaste. I didn’t have a favourite saint, but I was fascinated by the stigmatists such as Therese Neumann and Alexandrina da Costa. Very sensationalist stuff but also very inspiring and comforting for many.

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    • The saints are very inspiring indeed! Aside from the issues I have with its moral teachings, Catholicism holds a certain mystical appeal. It seems we both underwent an infatuation with this tradition. For me it was the music and art and beautiful churches in addition to the stories of the saints. 🙂

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  3. Oh I loved all the beautiful art, churches and ritual too. In England though the state, Anglican church often isn’t that different and in fact, the Anglican churches were usually more old fashioned and spectacular than the Roman Catholic ones, as the RC churches, like the four I went to, were almost certainly comparatively recently built, (for Irish emigrants mainly, plus some Italian emigrants, etc), so they had that plain modern style, or, relatively so – the Anglican churches and cathedrals were much older. And I was only really familiar with those 2 denominations as a 13 year old. Of course, some Anglcans are Catholics also – just not RC ones – and, overall the Anglican church really isn’t all that Protestant and different, (as I see it), especially if you choose a high church parish.

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    • The churches in England sure are gorgeous. We don’t really have much to compare here in the US. Architects sometimes copy European designs, that’s about it! And yes, all the theology is so similar it gets muddled and confusing. But all that really matters is how they treat people.

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