1. I don’t get attraction to women who don’t do dress up time as Little Bo Peep, a Southern Belle, a tastefully frilly French Maid, Alice or something with a taste of that, demure and very girlie. But each to their own, it’s fab these make you happy. Lovely to have crushed on pop stars!


    • Yes, there are many different clothing styles worn by women who like women, and all are equally valid. Leather jackets and combat boots (especially combined with those incredible asymmetrical haircuts that only Tegan and Sara can pull off) make my heart sing. 😀

      Fashion aside, Tegan and Sara are such an inspiration and source of support ad courage for many in our community who are struggling to accept who they are, struggling to come out, struggling to find a reason to go on living. I’m so thankful for their timely presence in my life.

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  2. As a non-straight bi-romantic, I heard of Tegan and Sara years ago, but, I’m very visual, so as their futch-ie, gender-variant look didn’t appeal to me, I never cared to discover their music ,or opinions, especially as being very much a femme, I didn’t think that they seemed stars I could identify with. Now that I’ve watched and read some of their interviews, personally, as a femme who’s happily non mainstream, I see them as not representing me and I feel, others like me. I feel that women with same sex attraction are assumed to look non-feminine – by both hetero, and non hetero people – and, in the videos I watched they talk about how they grew up only liking boys clothes, and wearing boys clothes, and, they obviously don’t dress girlie. They talk about being enthusiastically for gay rights, and, while I’m not against gay rights at all, I don’t care about legalities, and am not bothered if people legally recognise my relationships or not. If they’d been championing polyamorous marriage, maybe I could share a measure of enthusiasm, but same -sex couple marriage is too mainstream for me to care, although as I’ve said, I’m not against it. Tegan and Sara seem too normal, (is the word heteronormative’), to be n my wavelength. Good luck to them, and all. I’m sure they’re fab for their many fans. Gosh I have been frank. Apologies for any offence, just my reaction from my personal angle.


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