6 comments on “SHOW HER YOU’RE A BALLER

  1. Yes, sadly there are (still) a lot of lesbians who think they get to define the word. Well in my dictionary it just mean a woman attracted sexually romantically to other women – doesn’t mention how they felt in the past, how they dress, what else they like to do or anything else.

    I’d take the socialising at at your own pace. You will get there! Most people are a little shy at least when starting anew.

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      • I suppose as regards the groups at least they’re being honest, clear about what type of members they want, and, these days if someone isn’t a radical feminist or whatever, as they seem to be, there’s other very visible social scenes for other types of lesbians and bisexual women to find and join. In the 90s where I lived at least, the radicals really dominated everything socially, particularly for those who were looking for a group to make friends because they didn’t want to walk into a pub alone – something which wasn’t really safe, and probably rarely is even now.

        If there’s lots of groups in or near to your neighbourhood that sounds great opportunity wise as you should be able to find one which is like-minded enough for you, I think.

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