1. I’d do the online dating! Seems like the pop thing is flirting through that and yet you can screen out the (literally 😁) undesirables and at least you get a date out of it.

    Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given is that the best way to meet someone that romance clicks into place with is through your social life. As in not bars and parties where a lot of people are “looking” (for love/lust/romance), but interests and hobbies you do just for the sake of the pleasure or value of them to you. I think elsewhere people do tend to get a lot of approaches from others who kind of have “issues” and are just looking for love or lust or both as the solution to those issues, or the only anodyne they can think of apart from addictions. That is what I found.

    I feel for you over your disappointing and deflating New Year. I hope it’s now going to change for you into an amazing and dreamy 2016. All the best and take care x (sent from my silly phone so sorry about any typos or clumsy grammar).

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    • Your “try the online dating scene” advice seems to have worked. I’ll be honest – there aren’t a whole lot of women online, even, as everyone seems to be in winter hibernation right now – but I met someone this weekend, and I have high hopes for her. Details to follow. Thanks as always for your thoughtful comments!! 😀

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  2. Ps – afterthought – not that I think there’s anything wrong with having “issues” – but the kind of people who are only issues, nothing else, just pains and dilemmas, and the desire for someone to **** and share a kebab with, or hang out with in their tediously dull lives, for me it’s always, well why would I want to? A charming and appealing person who’s like minded but has issues = okay. I’m thinking maybe the first type of person is the type you mean who have urged a connection with you which you don’t feel and want.

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